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Leonor Espinosa - The Healthworks Clinic

Leonor Espinosa

Leonor studied acupuncture and naturopathy with CNM in Dublin (Dip Nat Acu). She then furthered her studies in Chinese Herbal Medicine (Post grad Chinese Herb). Leonor has trained in Face Reading (Master Cert), Cosmetic Acupuncture, Pregnancy Acupuncture under the tutelages of Masters Geoffrey Yuan, Lillian Bridges and Deirdre Courtney. She is a shamanic practitioner (Dipl Shamanic healing & counseling) and has been apprentice to Roberto Solis, Chacaruna from Peru. She also practices reflexology, reiki and aromatherapy

Kevin Espinosa - The Healthworks Clinic

Kevin Eakins

Kevin studied homeopathy and naturopathy with CNM in Dublin (Dip Hom, ND). He then furthered his studies in homeopathy at post graduate level with Dr. Subrata Banerjea in the Allen College of Homeopathy. In addition he has studied and qualified as a practitioner in Field Control Therapy with Dr. Yurkovsky. He has also studied nutritional medicine with Dr. Jonathon Wright and Dr. Alan Gaby. A lifelong interest in nutrition and how it relates to health has led to his affiliation with the Weston A. Price Foundation and the advocacy of traditional dietary wisdom, nutrient-dense foods, and non-toxic, sustainable farming. Kevin co-founded Living Systems Medicine (LSM) in 2009, and currently practises and teaches LSM.

Leonor’s Recent Blog Post

Peru Summer 2015

Exciting new program for the summer 2015, Peru trip from the 14th July to 31st, 18 days of pure magic, adventure, soul connection and fun.  Visits to Machu Pichu, the jungle, Bolivia and many other places. Few places left. For the details of the tour request email or call  leonor@thehealthworksclinic.com, 086 1908556.      ...

Kevin’s Recent Blog Post

An easy way to improve your blood sugar management

Here’s a simple eating habit to exercise your ability to maintain blood sugar. Don’t eat for 12-14 hours every day. So if your last meal finishes at 9pm do not eat again until 9am. This stresses your adrenals to maintain your blood sugar level during your “fast”. You’ll find out how able you are to sustain this by your reaction: food hunger pangs? dizziness? irritability? sleep disturbance? If you need to start with smaller time periods then do so and build up slowly. The result is lower but better managed blood sugar levels and less output of unecessary...

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