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Our Mission

At The Healthworks Clinic our mission is very simple: to serve you in your healing process. Life is a journey of healing that seems to take place only at the physical level but actually it is a mufti-dimensional process happening coincidentally in the emotional, mental, and spiritual domains. What happens at one level is accompanied by synchronistic actions taking place at other levels.

So healing is about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change and this is what we try to facilitate in all of our therapies no matter whether they appear to be just “hands-on” (reflexology) or whether they are primarily directed at the spiritual level (shamanic counseling).

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Lifestyle Changes For Better Health

Trying lead a healthy life in today’s modern world is a compromise at best and a complete failure at worst. Unless you have the money and inclination to work, rest, or play whenever you wish you will be required to face the stresses and strains of modern life.

This is another vast subject and just like healthy eating the best way to think about it is to ask the question: what kind of lives did my ancestors before the industrial revolution live?

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The True Causes of Disease

Ask this question to most people and you’ll hear answers like smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, emotional problems, addiction, stress, etc… Others will reply inflammation, cholesterol which is too high, blood pressure too high, etc…

Focusing on diet some would suggest eating saturated fats, too much meat in the diet, excess sugar, fast foods, processed foods, too much salt, etc… Some of these answers are more accurate than others. Some have solid, unbiased science behind them while others are based on misinformation and commercial interests that have nothing to do with a genuine desire for you to become healthier.

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Disease Prevention

None of us can prevent disease totally but our belief is that if they start young enough, most people can lead very healthy lives without suffering any of the most common, chronic diseases such diabetes, heart disease, dementia, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc, etc… at least until a very advanced age (ie: 80-90 years or more).

The fact that all of these diseases are closely associated with lifestyle habits and environmental influences shows that intelligent decisions taken early enough can be the decisive factor in determining a life of health or disease.

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Nutrition & Healthy Eating

This is a vast subject which would fill volumes of books and still not be satisfied. One of the greatest books written on the subject of nutrition was ironically written by a dentist. Weston A. Price was a leader in the field of dentistry before he turned his attention to diets & the relationship between nutrition & health.

He noticed that the dental health of many of his patients was deteriorating as they consumed more and more processed foods. He decided to investigate this relationship between processed food and disease by traveling around the world and visiting indigenous people who had not yet been exposed to processed foods….

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