“The Healthworks Clinic is superb!! I highly recommend it!! A place to switch off from the daily stresses in your life. It is very relaxing and has so many therapies to chose from and to meet all your needs.”


Dublin, Ireland

“I really enjoyed the meditation/ relaxation parts. A great job! Thanks very much DJ


“I attended Leonor’s clinic during 2013, I founded her to be very knowledgeable and helpful on issues of physical well-being in particular on matters of diet and nutrition.
Attending her clinic continues to have a significant and positive influence on my lifestyle today. Thanks Leonor.” SF


“I went to the Healthworks clinic with an unbearable pain in my rib cage area. Leonor’s treatment improved my condition and her wise advice on nutrition had a huge positive impact on my life.” AG


“The Healthworks Clinic has helped me a lot. Not only useful for the acute problems I had at the start but also on an ongoing basis over the years to maintain my health.” DE


The Healthworks Clinic– Just a quick note to say how Leonor has helped me over the last few months, I have attended Leonor for Acupuncture to assist with planning for a family through IVF. I knew very little about this process but Leonor made me feel at ease as soon as I walked through the door. Leonor is compassionate, professional and extremely knowledgeable of many holistic procedures such as Acupuncture, reflexology and her clients’ needs. Leonor also assisted me with looking at my diet and lifestyle, all of this gave me the confidence in trusting Leonor as she always goes above and beyond an acupuncture treatment. I continue to attend Healthworks as there are so many other benefits to acupuncture. My sleep patterns have improved, less stress plus you are left with positive energy! I would highly recommend choosing Healthworks as first choice for holistic therapy.” AE


“I have been a customer of the Healthworks Clinic for over two years for both Yoga and massage. The excellent service is provided in a most professional manner in surroundings that are both relaxing and friendly. I can highly recommend the Healthworks Clinic.” FJ


“I would recommend the Healthworks Clinic to anyone. It really helped me through an intense moment of emotional distress in my life. The Healthworks Clinic is a business driven by love and quality care. Leonor is full of life, warm and nurturing. She is a very open person but also offers you a lot of practical advice on self care etc. that will make a huge difference in your life.  Kevin’s remedies are also very effective and thoroughly researched. I would recommend these good people to anyone. They will help you along your way and encourage you to empower yourself and grow. It accompanied me through much transformation, I have no doubt it can help many others too.” EM