What is Neuroptimal Therapy?

This treatment has been used with massive success in the United States and has now found its way to Europe. The Healthworks Clinic is the only provider of Neuroptimal Brain Training in Dublin and we are already seeing very positive results at other Neuroptimal Brain training centers in Ireland and the UK.

Neuroptimal Brain Training works with the brain by identifying shifts in its state & alerting your brain to them. In this way your brain learns more quickly new ways to better adapt to its environment.

The brain is a powerful & complex part of the body like a computer, but unlike a computer it is capable of learning how to change itself over time and thus to become better at managing things.

It achieves this by making more intelligent connections between the neurons and the parts of the brain that need to work together to process and act of information. So the brain – by changing itself – can and does learn how to improve behaviour, attention & physical movement. Normally this can be a slow process and Neuroptimal works by speeding up this self-learning process.


Neuroptimal is a tool of optimizing and speeding up the brain’s learning process


You may have heard the term ‘neuro- plasticity’ which is basically the ability of the brain to adapt its processes in response to its environment.  This ‘plasticity’ however can be both negative & positive.

Neuroptimal brain training focuses in on this aspect and trains the brain with timely alerts to respond more appropriately to its environment so that external factors that once made you sad, angry or feel victimised no longer have the same negative effects.

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