The Neuroptimal Session

A Neuroptimal session is an incredible simple, relaxing, fun & safe experience.

We place 2 sensors on your scalp & 3 more to your ears to allow us to monitor your brains activity while you sit in a chair either listening to music or watching a movie. Throughout the session we monitor your brainwaves to pick up or listen to your wave patterns at different frequencies.

The Neuroptimal system will detect when your brain is switching from one state to another (the brain does this constantly) and will alert the brain to these changes by creating tiny pauses in the music or the movies sound.

Although you are not consciously aware of these pauses, unconsciously your brain IS aware. Over time and after a number of sessions your brain begins to ‘self reflect’ and make changes and becomes more self aware. This helps the brain to not only subconsciously recognize a change in its state (from happy to sad for example) but also to regulate its behaviour towards it (ie: to “decide in future whether or not to make the same changes at the same times).

So basically all you have to do is turn up for the appointment, sit down and relax and listen to music or watch a movie. Literally nothing else is required from the patient. Neuroptimal does all the work!

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