Our Mission

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At the HealthWorks clinic our mission is very simple: to serve you in your healing process. Life is a journey of healing that seems to take place only at the physical level but actually it is a multi-dimensional process happening coincidentally in the emotional, mental, and spiritual domains.

What happens at one level is accompanied by synchronistic actions taking place at other levels. So healing is about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change and this is what we try to facilitate in all of our therapies no matter whether they appear to be just “hands-on” (reflexology) or whether they are primarily directed at the spiritual level (shamanic counseling). Even the most serious of conditions offer so much scope for healing in every way.

Certainly in terms of physical health, the 12 naturopathic principles describe most completely our objectives. Foremost in everyone’s mind should be “first do no harm” and to encourage the body to self-heal instead of simply suppressing symptoms. Simultaneously every effort is made to offer good lifestyle and nutritional advice so as to ensure as much as possible the prevention of future disease rather than just create a cycle of ever-more-desperate “fire-fighting”.

Amongst our wide range of therapeutic options we can deal with the full scale of health problems: from reducing stress for better living to the treatment of serious and chronic conditions.

But no matter what treatment we use, our approach is to look at every person individually and this so as to foster healing gently yet effectively rather than force any pre-conceived techniques or concepts on an unsuspecting patient. We seek to dialogue with persuasion rather than force ; to treat the person first and foremost rather than the condition or “disease label”.

We invite you to find out for yourself how gentle yet effective healing can be when you engage that unlimited life force inside of every human being.